Fiber Daily Needs for Children

Fiber Daily Needs for Children

Hi friends of SlimGourmet! School holiday is over and now is the time for daily school activities to begin. To be healthy and stay active to do daily routine activities, it is important for children to receive adequate nutrition intake including fiber. Optimum fiber intake can help keep your child’s digestive system healthy and increase their body’s immune system. Have you taken a look at your children’s daily fiber intake?

Daily fiber requirement for children is different from adults. Children age 1-3 years old need about 16 grams fiber a day; children age 4-6 years old need about 22 grams a day, whereas adults need 25 grams fiber a day. We know how important fiber is for our body, so as parents, we should adapt and introduce our children to all types of natural fiber from whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Deficiency of fiber intake in children can cause constipation.

However, a common issue is that some children don’t like eating vegetables and fruits. If you have or know some relatives who experience this problem, try eating vegetables and fruits together with that child or add some vegetables or fruits to their favorite foods.

SlimGourmet always pays attention to children fiber intake by providing all types of fruits and vegetables in appetizer & main course menu as well as a variety of desserts. For example you will have all types of vegetable and fruits in this week’s menu, such as from Japanese Banana Steam Cake, Fresh Fruit, Blueberry Scone, Dragon Fruit Muffin, Vegetable Pancake, Baked Dory in Radish Sauce and etc.

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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