Do You Get The Proper Amount of Sugar Intake in A Day?

Do You Get The Proper Amount of Sugar Intake in A Day?

Hi, Friends of SlimGourmet! Nowadays there are so many kind of innovation in culinary. Commonly, foods have been modified with adding some addtives including sugar.

One example of food that has been modified is martabak, we can easily find martabak with any kind of sweet topping. That will surely add calorie value to martabak because of its sweet topping, moreover martabak dough itself is sweet enough and high calorie.

People interested in those kind of modified foods because of its innovation and decorative style, that affects in our daily average sugar intake. High intake of sugar increases the risk of degenerative diseases such as diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, and stroke.

Daily sugar intake should be considered. We should limit our daily sugar intake to 50 grams a day or not over than 4 tbs. Sugar intake not only from sugar or sweetener but also from food intake metabolism especially complex carbohydrate source such as bread, rice, potatoes, etc. Besides that, fruit also contains sugar called fructose. All of that foods affects our daily sugar

SlimGourmet considers your daily sugar intake by limiting the use of sugar in some menu especially our dessert menu. You can enjoy our sweet dessert menu without feel guilty and worry about the risk of degenerative diseases because the sugar amount in our dessert menu has been controlled. Let’s enjoy our Opera Cake, Ocha Pudding, Almond Cookies, and Wintermelon Cake on this week!

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