Diet Plateau

Have you ever feel you've done the best in the diet, but it got to a point where the needle on the scales stopped at a number and does not go down again? Such a situation is called a weight-loss plateau. Do not be discouraged, there will always be a way to achieve the ideal weight. Keep in mind that weight loss is best to gradually, so that a healthy lifestyle into your daily life.

Here is how to overcome the Diet Plateau:

  1. We do not recommend a diet that is too extreme. Make sure your food intake enough and nutritious. Errors in the weight loss diet is to eat too little without exercising, thus causing metabolism to slow down and derail your weight loss program further.
  2. Vary the type of sport. Different sports of course use different muscles. For example, if you normally jog or fast berajalan, try to do the swimming, cycling or aerobics.
  3. Increase the intensity of exercise. Modification of speed or level of difficulty. Try walking uphill on your treadmill or interval speed.
  4. In undergoing a weight loss diet, you do not need to stress because it will affect the hormones so it will be difficult to lose fat in the body.

In a weight loss diet, the energy that comes out to be greater than the incoming energy. Weight should weigh once a week at a time and with the same tools, it is advisable to weigh in the morning after waking up.

And remember that weight loss is not just about the number or scale of the scales. Change your destination. What about the health benefits that you can? Diet is to feel better, not just a matter of appearance. And maybe you've achieved that goal.

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