Coconut Sugar For Your Healthy Diet

Hi Friends of Slimgourmet! Today we should start with a sweet and healthy. Sweet and healthy coconut sugar or palm sugar which will be discussed early this week.

Some of you may still be confused between palm sugar and palm sugar because its shape is similar. Both types of these sugars are basically derived from two different base materials. Coconut sugar is derived from the sap of palm trees while palm sugar derived from palm tree sap. When viewed more closely, palm sugar colors darker and more coarse texture than the palm sugar.

However, when viewed in terms of the health of coconut sugar is recommended for use as an ingredient in many kinds of processed food. Besides being able to provide color and distinctive flavor in food or pastry products, coconut sugar also has a low glycemic index value. Value glycemic index of coconut sugar (GI: 35) is much lower than the palm sugar (GI: 70) even with sugar (GI: 100). For diabetics who require glucose response slowly then palm sugar can be the right choice though still be restricted to maintain stable blood glucose levels. The content of riboflavin in palm sugar can also help expedite and improve the metabolism of the cells to make stamina remain vibrant.

Slimgourmet kitchen team uses palm sugar containing low GI, as an alternative sweetener in the manufacture of pastry products that delicious but still healthy.

Let's live healthy, happy and prosperous together Slimgourmet!

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