Children Malnutrition

Children Malnutrition

Happy Monday, Friends of SlimGoumet! Do you know that World Children’s Day is celebrated annually on 20th November? That celebration motivates us to take a notice in children’s health for the better future.

In the developing country, including Indonesia, one of children health problem is malnutrition. Children malnutrition affects to growth and development process because in those age period, children need adequate intake and nutrients to develop organs and brain function. Children who are malnutrition will be skinny, fussy, and easily infected. Malnutrition of energy and protein deficiency is a condition caused by inadequate intake of energy and protein.

Children should eat food that suitable with their age. Children’s food is not the same with adult’s, however children need more complex nutrients than adult. Children need adequate amount of carbohydrate, protein, and fat from natural & fresh ingredients, without preservative, has a balanced nutrition, and proper portion.

SlimGourmet concerns to children nutrition too in our KidzGourmet package which portion has been calculated based on their age, nutrition balanced, freshly made from natural ingredients, without preservative, and delicious. Let’s notice Indonesian children health and nutrition!

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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