Hi friends of SlimGourmet! Do you know the benefit of celery? This vegetable is often used as a natural seasoning for soup because of its pleasant aroma and savory taste.

Celery also has many health benefits, like preventing fever & flu, helping your digestive system, increasing your appetite, and decreasing your risk to hypertension. This
is because celery contains petroselin acid, essential oils, flavonoids, phenolic acids, and is a good source of many different vitamin and minerals.

We can generally use all parts of celery; including its leaves and stalk. It can easily be processed by different methods, such as boiling, roasting or made into a juice too. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about losing the nutrients in celery during the process of cooking. Celery can still keep 80% of its active substance after the cooking process.

SlimGourmet’s kitchen team always picks and uses natural ingredients as a seasoning to make food tasty even though little or no salt is added. One way is by boiling celery to create a tasty soup broth, or juicing celery to create salad dressing and sauce.

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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