Benefits of Japanese Peanut: Edamame

Benefits of Japanese Peanut: Edamame

Hi Friends of SlimGourmet! Does edamame sound strange to you? Maybe for you, especially vegetarians who often eat nuts are familiar with edamame. These beans in Indonesia are commonly called soybeans from Japan. Edamame is almost similar to soybeans with a larger size and the colour is light green. Edamame might look like a normal bean, but it turns out that it has a lot of health benefits. What are the benefits?

Edamame is rich in amino acids that the body needs. In addition, in one serving edamame (AKG) contains 10% daily intake of iron and vitamin C, 8% daily intake of vitamin A, and 8.1 grams of fiber which is equivalent to 4 pieces of wheat bread. Edamame can be consumed only by boiling or steaming. Besides that it can also be processed first into other types of food. With proper processing, edamame's nutrient content will be maintained. Its high antioxidant content can increase immune system, prevent hypertension, and heart disease. In addition, edamame also contains isoflavones which are phytoesterogens that protect the body from osteoporosis, provide anti-inflammatory effects in menopausal women, and also protect from cancer. Edamame also contains fiber that is high enough so that it is good for the digestive system.

Let's enjoy the benefits of edamame with SlimGourmet Premium Catering which uses various nuts, one of them is edamame as a variety of vegetarian main menus such as Edamame Patties and also dessert like Edamame Bread.

Let's Live Healthy, Happy, Prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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