Benefits Of Chives

Benefits Of Chives

Happy Monday Friends of SlimGourmet! Eating healthy food is the right choice to keep healthy and as our health investment in the future. Many ways can be done, such as choosing healthy foods, good ways in processing foods, and choosing good ingredients. One way to choose good ingredients is to choose ingredients that are still fresh and do not contain chemical substances, and contain substances or active compounds that can increase health benefits.

One kind of vegetable that contains nutrients and active compounds for body health is chives. Chives are a food ingredient that can be used as a lowering and stabilizing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and can be used as an anti-cancer drug. This is because chives have active compounds that are efficacious such as alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, and steroids triterpenoids, and vitamin C.

Chives are food that is available anywhere, cheap, and can be processed with various menus both as a vegetable menu and even a mixed menu for main course. Related to the many benefits contained in chives, Slimgourmet Premium Catering chooses and uses this food ingredient as one of the basic ingredients of cooking in its menus such as Pollo Ala Brasa and Yasai Itame this week.

Let's live healthy, happy and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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