Baby Corn

Baby Corn

Happy Monday, friends of SlimGourmet! Baby corn is one type of vegetables that is safe for health. Its small form makes only a few people that have known about its benefits. Baby corn is a young corn commonly used in Indonesian and Asian cuisines. The sweet taste and crunchy texture make this vegetable chosen by people for making sautéed vegetable.

Baby corn has benefits that are not much different from sweet corn, but for people with gastric disease you should prefer baby corn rather than sweet corn. This is because baby corn contains high potassium which can regulate the balance of acids and bases in the body. In addition, with the content of potassium they have, baby corn can also stabilize blood pressure. High fiber content is also an advantage of baby corn. Mixture of baby corn in the vegetable menu will help facilitate bowel movements and control blood glucose levels. Another benefit that can be obtained if we consume baby corn is that we can increase body immune system because baby corn also contains antioxidants, vitamin B complex and others.

The right mix of baby corn with other vegetables will increase the taste of foods and the adequacy of body nutrients in a day. The Slimgourmet Premium Catering team tried to vary the processed baby corn for more enjoyment such as serving a menu of Sautéed Cauliflower In Oyster Sauce, and Mixed Yasai Ankake this week.

Let's live healthy, happy and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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