Are Trendy Local Snacks Healthy?

Are Trendy Local Snacks Healthy?

Hi, Friends of SlimGourmet! Nowadays, there are so many local snacks with new taste & appearance, for example Kue Cubit, Kue Pancong, Martabak Manis, etc.These traditional snacks have been modified with additional ingredients like cream, cheese, butter, chocolate and a lot of sugar to attract people, especially young adults, to try it.

Indonesian local snack foods are usually made of flour and other carbohydrate sources such as cassava, sweet potato, potato, and corn. The base of these high carbohydrates food itself contains a lot of calories, for example 2 pieces of potato in moderate sizes (210 g) contains 175 calories, which equals to 1 piece of cassava (120 g), 5 tbs (50 g) wheat flour, and 100 g white rice. These local snacks become very high calorie and unhealthy with the addition of ingredients like cream/dairy products and sugar. So, it is best to avoid these unhealthy snacks or only eat it in limited amounts when you are trying to lose weight.

Choose snacks that are steamed, boiled or baked to reduce the amount of oil used. Avoid fatty or deep-fried snacks as well as snacks that are too sweet or too salty. For example, try avoiding snacks that use too much butter, sugar, condensed milk, or jam. Lastly, if you decide to snack, it is best to practice self-control so you eat the appropriate portion.

SlimGourmet also provides local snacks in our dessert menu processed with healthy ingredients to satisfy your sweet tooth and still have balanced & moderate nutritional value. Examples include TalamUbi and Thai Sweet Cassava on this week’s menu. So, want to eat something sweet and delicious without feeling guilty? Try SlimGourmet’s desserts..they are appropriately portioned to be never more than 120 calories!

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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