Testimonials Mayo Diet Bento - Riza Utami Dewi

Hi friends of Slimgourmet! Newsletter this week we will share the inpirasi of Ms. Riza, a 47-year-old employee is currently on a diet Mayo Bento for 2 weeks.

His motivation Mayo Bento program is to maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain body weight and a healthy diet. Intensive activities as a career mom make him break is reduced, and it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle as before. In addition, the profession has a lot more done in a sitting position so that physical activity was also reduced.

However, she found a solution to keep physical activity in middle of busy by doing yoga with her friends after work and go on a diet Mayo Bento. Following the Mayo program Bento for one week, she felt Mayo Bento menu varied and tasty although not spicy and not use salt because it is rich in herbs and other spices. In addition, she managed to lose weight by 3.1 kg. Although it has not reached the target of 4 kg as desired because the program has not ended, she was pleased with his accomplishment and very motivated to live a more healthy and active.

"Healthy living is important and valuable because it can prevent the disease. If it hurts, it will cost much more expensive than maintaining a healthy lifestyle ".

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