Nutrition for Women 40 Years

At the age of about 40 years, women will generally experience symptoms of pre-menopause. In fact, at this age also the women in Indonesia, especially in the capital Jakarta were on the peak of a career that requires a fit body to support their activities.

Pre-menopause symptoms are often very disturbing, among other things, insomnia, easy to sweat, skin loosens, changes in the hormonal system so that the menstrual cycle is irregular, and emotional. The accumulation of fat in certain parts also become one of the most feared symptoms of today's urban women.

To stay healthy in the 40s and stay fit despite going through a period premenopausal, women are encouraged to consume a balanced diet, with due regard to nutrient substances below:

  1. Calcium for bone density, as well as Glucosamine for joint pain if necessary. Calcium and Glucosamine found in many green vegetables and beans.
  2. Iron to replace blood lost during her menstrual cycle is irregular and or lots. Iron can be found in green vegetables and red meat such as beef tanpalemak.
  3. Isoflavones for hormoneesterogen balance in women. Discover isoflavones in legumes such as soybeans and edamame.

SlimGourmet want to show concern for the health of women in Indonesia. SlimGourmet aware of the importance of the role of mother to the children's moral Indonesia which will be of great leaders in the future. So remarkable, in large cities and in the global era like today, a mother dintuntut to be able to help the family economy by working, while still serving their husbands and prepare children to compete in the future, they often forgot about her own health , Mother's love is eternal.

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