National Nutrition Day 2015

We know that one feature of the developed nations are nations that have high levels of health, intelligence, and high labor productivity. Thirdly it is influenced by the nutritional state of the person. So to achieve a state of optimal nutrition and health to consider the quality and quantity of food and drink consumed by the principle of balanced nutrition.

Balanced Nutrition Principles consist of four (4) pillars of which is basically a series of efforts to balance out nutrients and nutrients that enter the body weight regularly monitored.

Messages PGS (Balanced Nutrition Guidelines) are as follows:
1). Thankful and enjoy a variety of foods;
2). Many eat enough vegetables and fruits;
3) Make it a habit to eat the side dishes containing high protein;
4) Make a habit of eating a variety of staple foods;
5) Limit your food consumption of sweet, salty and fatty foods;
6) Make a habit of breakfast;
7) Make it a habit to drink water that is sufficient and safe;
8) Make a habit of reading the labels on food packaging;
9) Wash hands with soap with clean waters flow;
10) Perform enough physical activity and maintain a normal weight

Well, if you have fulfilled the criteria tenth of Balanced Nutrition Guidelines above? Happy National Nutrition Day!

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