Keep Blood Sugar, Love Our Eyes!

Happy World Diabetes Day, friends of Slimgourmet! Exactly on this day, the world commemorated the day with the theme diabetes Eyes on Diabetes. World Health Organization (WHO) reported that Indonesia was fourth country with diabetes mellitus (DM) most.

Diabetic retinopathy (RD) is one of the complications of diabetes a major cause of blindness in people with diabetes. With the increasing number of people with diabetes, the prevalence of diabetic retinopatik and also increased risk of blindness. The DiabCare Asia 2008 Study involving 1,785 patients with DM in 18 primary and secondary health centers in Indonesia reported that 42% of people with diabetes develop complications of retinopathy.

Risk of suffering from diabetes retinopathy is also increased in proportion with the length of a person bearing the DM accompanied uncontrolled blood sugar. Another risk factor is insulin dependent diabetic retinopathy in people with type 2 diabetes, nephropathy, hyperlipidemia and hypertension. Delay in diagnosis of DM and the absence of symptoms in the early course of the disease causing the majority of cases go undetected diabetes retinopathy.

Although the role of medical personnel is essential in the early detection of diabetes retinopathy, it would be better if we can prevent and control blood sugar our bodies and thus avoid diabetes mellitus and its complications, including diabetic retinopathy. Applying a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and maintaining a healthy diet is the right step to keep the body's metabolism, blood sugar and blood fat levels under control.

Know more, live better!

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