About us

Slim Gourmet

SlimGourmet was established in February 2008, as a sister company of European Slimming Center (ESC), with the focus towards helping clients control their eating habits and maintain weight loss outside the treatments provided by ESC. Due to increased public demand of healthy food, the product range expanded to include other aspects of health. 

In May 2014, a new management led by Certified Nutritionist Jocelyn Halim launched other services such as health talks, cooking demos and customized meal plans to complement her passion towards raising people’s awareness regarding the importance of following a healthy lifestyle. Having been trained by world renown dietitians and her regular attendance to nutrition conferences around the world ensure that the most up-to-date nutritional information is provided at SlimGourmet. With a team of certified nutritionist and almost 9 years of experience, SlimGourmet is the most reputable healthy catering company in Jakarta and has successfully helped thousands of people conveniently achieve their health goals!

Our Nutritionists

SlimGourmet is the only healthy catering company in Indonesia that has both international and locally certified nutritionists. All meals and products developed at SlimGourmet have been approved by Certified Nutritionists who also monitor each step of food preparation and production to ensure that International Standard of Food Safety and hygiene using precise food handling procedures is followed. These Certified Nutritionists are also available for face-to-face consultations at a location most convenient for you.

Jocelyn Halim, Bsc MHM MND

Director of Nutrition at SlimGourmet & KidzGourmet Diet Catering

As SlimGourmet's Director, she received her Masters degree from University of Sydney with High Distinction; completed food service and clinical training in several hospitals and aged-care centers; and worked in Sydney as a clinical diabetes dietitian and research dietitian focused on weight management and disease prevention. More about Jocelyn

Meilita Dwi Paundrianagari

Nutritionist at SlimGourmet & KidzGourmet Diet Catering

As SlimGourmet’s Nutritionist, she received her Master Degree from University of Diponegoro with Cumlaude. Specializing in food technology and food safety, she ensures the nutrient content of food, adequacy of food quantity, appropriate cooking techniques, and food safety for clients’ balanced nutrition. More about Meilita

Desy Nur Arista

Nutritionist at SlimGourmet & KidzGourmet Diet Catering

As SlimGourmet's Registered Nutritionist, she graduated from Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Tanjung Karang Bandar Lampung. Specializing in clinical nutrition and slimming program. She dedicates all her focus on service and education to help clients reach their personal goals. More about Desy

Nofika Aisyah

Nutritionist at SlimGourmet & KidzGourmet Diet Catering

As SlimGourmet's Nutritionist, she graduated from University of Indonesia. Have a concern in dietetics and slimming program. She ensures nutrition balanced food to help client reach their personal goals. She dedicated her service and knowledge in helping client. More about Nofika